Skills Devolution in England

Skills devolution in England was on the agenda this week in Westminster Hall as I joined colleagues to discuss the need to address the skills shortage across the country. It is essential for our prosperity that all areas of England have the skills base to attract investment to ensure that our economy continues to grow and we can capitalise on the opportunities Brexit offers us.

As well as the obvious economic argument, I believe that there is a strong moral case for the government to act to allow people of all ages and backgrounds to be active in the labour market. Through apprenticeships and skills based education, we can provide workers with what they need to achieve their ambitions and fulfil their potential.

Having left school at 15, social mobility is one of my key priorities in Parliament and I believe that there are many pathways to achieving success in the workplace. It was pleasing to see that since May 2010, 5130 apprenticeships have been created in our area offering an alternative career route for school leavers. Skills based education is not just for school leavers though as last year I attended the launch of several management apprenticeships, which offered on the job learning for employees who wished to take on managerial positions.