Speeches in Parliament

UK and EU defence collaboration after Brexit

Today I asked the Prime Minister to confirm that if we were to Brexit without a deal, there would be no adverse effect on defence collaboration with our European allies in procurement, manufacturing and general operations.

The Prime Minister confirmed this.

More competition for broadband needed!

Today at Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport questions, I asked how we could increase competition for Broadband when a number of my constituents are stuck with one provider.


Brexit - just need to get on with it!

During a debate on Principles of Democracy, I asked Owen Paterson MP if he shares with me the frustration and anger that I hear every day in my constituency. We asked voters for their opinion, and they gave it to us.

He agreed and said that we just need to get on with it.

A debate on defence spending

At a debate today on Defence Spending I said that the MoD is the largest provider of apprenticeships in the UK, with our defence sector employing thousands more.

This is great for social mobility, our defence sovereign capability and the wider economy, including exports.

Our world leading defence manufacturers underpin the UK - PMQs

Our world leading defence manufacturers underpin the UK as a credible strategic partner and ally.


This has extra significance once we're an independent, self governing & sovereign nation again.


I raised this during Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) today.

Jack asks about our Reserve Forces

During Ministry of Defence questions, I raised the crucial contribution our Reserves make to the Armed Forces, progress on Reservist recruitment and retention, and how former Regular personnel are encouraged to join them.

Jack invites Minister to Aerospace Bristol

As Defence Equipment and Support Minister Stuart Andrew MP was concluding the Combat Air Strategy debate in the House of Commons, I invited him to visit Aerospace Bristol, our £80m STEM learning centre to see how it is helping to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.