Almondsbury Church of England School Visit Parliament

I always enjoy welcoming people to Westminster and being able to show them around the historic Houses of Parliament. This week, several classes from Almondsbury Church of England Primary School visited the Parliament Education Centre and I got to speak to students about the work I do in Parliament.

As part of their day, pupils were given a tour of the Houses of Parliament and spent the day learning about parliamentary procedure and the role of Members of Parliament before taking part in their own debate. After having spent the day being immersed in the world of British politics, the children had some great and challenging questions for me and I hope I answered all their queries.

The Parliament Education Service is a brilliant initiative that offers subsidised trips to Parliament, free teacher training and resources to help make Parliament a more accessible environment for the children in the classrooms. For more information on the Parliament Education Service and to see if you can organise a trip for your school, please visit my website: