Freeports, regeneration and jobs

During International Trade questions, I asked if Ministers agreed that Freeports attract significant foreign investment whilst regenerating communities and creating jobs.

Housing and Planning - We need more homes!

Today I spoke in a debate on housing and planning.

Due to the failure of successive governments in recent decades, we haven't built enough homes for people and must build many more than the Government's plan.

End the persecution of our Northern Ireland Veterans

At PMQs I asked the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson MP, to end the persecution of Northern Ireland veterans, like Corporal Dennis Hutchings; the PM must honour his promises and our manifesto commitment. Otherwise they are meaningless empty platitudes.

Benefits of social mobility

Today, I intervened in a debate on Social Mobility.

I raised a point from the Sutton Trust, that a modest increase of social mobility in the UK, could improve our economy by 2% or £39bn!

Debate on the Apprenticeship Levy

Today during a debate on the Apprenticeship Levy, I asked Robert Halfon MP whether he believed Universal Technical Colleges (such as Bristol Technical and Engineering Academy) could play a bigger role in Apprenticeships.

He agreed that UTC's have some very good outcomes.

Visit to the iconic RAC tower

Another impressive visit today to the RAC, Bradley Stoke.

Spoke with some of the Team about the RAC's very serious concerns regarding smart motorways.

Afterwards had a demonstration on the new equipment they have developed to provide assistance to the latest electric vehicles.

The new Brabazon development

It was good to visit YTL to see how the new Brabazon development is coming along and discuss the fantastic proposed plans for the YTL Arena.

I was also very pleased to see building progress with new homes due in October; this will be a truly transformational development.

Working with our allies to secure peace in Israel and the wider region

During Foreign Office Questions the minister agreed that working with allies and promoting dialogue and co-existence was the best way to secure peace in Israel and the wider region.

I also made the point that UK Aid had to be spent wisely where it is really needed.

Jack meets BAE Apprentices

Attended the APPG for Apprenticeships 'Apprenticeship Fair' in the House of Commons today.

It was great to meet two BAE Systems apprentices.

BAE have taken on a record number of over 800 apprentices this year and are still taking applications until the 28th February.