Festive Wedding in Parliament

Jack Lopresti, Member of Parliament for Filton and Bradley Stoke, has been celebrating his wedding to fellow MP, Andrea Jenkyns, at an intimate ceremony in the chapel at the Palace of Westminster on Friday, 22nd December.

Extra Winter Funding for NHS

I am pleased that the Government has acknowledged the pressures that the NHS finds itself under each winter and has allocated funding to invest in our local hospitals to allow the dedicated staff to carry on their excellent work.

Samaritan's Christmas Pledge

This week I joined my parliamentary colleagues in signing the Samaritan’s Christmas Pledge to support suicide prevention in 2018.

Boost for local Post Offices

This week the Government announced £370 million extra funding for the Post Office to extend opening hours, cut queue times and protect rural branches.

Funding Increase for Avon & Somerset Police

I welcome today’s announcement from the Home Office that there will be a £450 million increase in police funding across England and Wales. This includes an additional £270 million for police force budgets, so that individual forces have the resources they need.

Appointment to OSCE

I am delighted to accept the Government’s invitation to serve on the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and to have the opportunity to address a wide range of security-related concerns alongside members from 57 countries from across Asia, Europe and North America.

Energy Switch Guarantee

I recently attended an event in Parliament hosted by the Energy Switch Guarantee where Which Switch? demonstrated how companies are making it simpler to switch energy supplier to help save the consumer money.

Manufacturing NI at NI Committee

This morning, Jonathan McAlpin, Stephen Kelly and Richard Hogg of Manufacturing NI appeared before the Northern Ireland Select Committee to dicuss Bombardier, one of Northern Ireland’s largest employers.

Rail Franchise Consultation

The Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling MP, has written to me and other South West MPs regarding the GWR rail franchise. The Government want to ensure that there are more seats, more trains, and faster and more frequent services throughout the South West, and in London.

Recent Events

Over the last couple of days the same, small group of people who tried to derail my re-adoption process just before the last General Election have decided to have another go at destroying my personal reputation and calling into question my professionalism in my relationships with other people.