Royal Artillery Firepower Beer Comes to Parliament

Jack joined fellow Gunners in welcoming Firepower Beer to Strangers Bar to celebrate the tercentenary of the Royal Artillery.

Initially developed as a unique beer as a joint project between the Royal Artillery and the Royal Engineers,sadly the Royal Engineers had committed to another brewery and produced Sapper Ale. This did not deter the Royal Artillery from producing their own beer and Firepower was brewed with profits going to the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund. So far £10,000 has been raised to help financially support all officers and soldiers and their dependents whether serving or retired, widowed or divorced.

Firepower was originally going to be the Guest Ale for the week commencing 22 May 2017, ideal as the last day of your tercentenary was the 25 May 2017. However the interruption of a General Election pushed the guest ales to the right and Firepower has since been available to the general public. 

Jack was pleased to support this unique way of supporting the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund and was happy to welcome serving members of the Royal Artillery to the Houses of Parliament alongside Bob Stewart MP and James Gray MP.