Questions to the Home Office about UK Visas and Immigration

This week I tabled a written question to the Home Office regarding UK Visas and Immigration, after a number of constituents visited me at my regular surgeries after experiencing delays and difficulty due to their visa application being described as ‘non-straightforward’.

I believe a lot of the frustration felt by my constituents is because UK Visas and Immigrations don’t clearly identify what criteria make their application ‘non-straightforward’. Furthermore, many of my constituents feel left in the dark about the progress of their application as UK Visas and Immigration fail to update them regularly.

I have asked the Home Office to identify what criteria are applied when judging an application to be ‘non-straightforward’ and what are UK Visas and Immigration’s service standards for processing these applications. If I can provide my constituents more clarity about how their visa application is processed, I believe that will go a long way to ease a lot of the stress and uncertainty they experience while waiting for a decision.

If you are experiencing a delay with a visa application and are my constituent, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by calling my office on 01454 617 783 or emails