Little Stoke Primary School Year 6 Class

Last Friday I visited Little Stoke Primary School to speak to their Year 6 class about being a Member of Parliament. It was great to see that the children were enthusiastic about finding out about the role of an MP and had been enjoying learning about government in their lessons.

During the lesson I answered lots of questions from the children, ranging from queries about what it is like to work in Westminster to what is my favourite chocolate bar. I think I must have given some good answers as at the end of the lesson I was asked for my autograph! I look forward to seeing some of the work the children produce about our lesson together and I have invited all the children to the Houses of Parliament.

One of the nicest parts of my job is being able to welcome constituents to Westminster to have a tour of the Houses of Parliament. Depending on when you are available to visit, you will be guided around the gothic splendour of the House of Lords and the Royal Apartments, the austere political hub of the House of Commons, and the incredible sights of Westminster Hall, St Stephen's Hall and Central Lobby. Classes can even spend the day with the Parliament Education Team learning about our democracy.

If you would like to visit the Houses of Parliament then please contact my office on 01454 617 783.