Jack meets with Sajid Javid MP to discuss Police Funding

This week, Jack met with Sajid Javid MP, the Home Secretary, to discuss the 7.5% increase to Police funding in the local area.

The government has announced that funding for the police system will increase by up to £970m million next year, the biggest increase since 2010. I recently met with Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, to discuss what these increases will mean for our area. Funding will be increased 7.5%, meaning Avon and Somerset Constabulary could receive over £21m in the next financial year.

The Home Office has also committed to sighting serious and organised crime, included economic crime and drug trafficking, with a £90 million investment in national, regional and local capabilities. Additionally, the settlement will again see £175 million going into the Police Transformation Fund, which includes investment for innovative new crime prevention techniques and a new national welfare service for front line officers, and £495 million for national police technology capabilities. This will help ensure that police have the powers and resources needed to keep our communities safe.