Health Question about Frenchay Hospital

At Health Questions, Jack again raised the case of Frenchay Hospital with the Secretary of State and Ministers for Health.

Addressing the  Minister of State, Jack highlighted the delay in the opening of the new hospital, "The last Labour Government downgraded Frenchay hospital in my constituency. My constituents and I have been waiting for several years for the much-needed and much-promised community hospital. What action are the Government taking to ensure that that finally happens?"

Philip Dunne, Minister of State for the Health Department, gave an encouraging response regarding the latest Government policy on health provision, "My hon. Friend is a doughty campaigner for Frenchay hospital and keeps it uppermost in our minds. The way in which we are looking at the pattern of health provision for the next period is through the STP process, and I encourage him to engage with the STP leadership in his area and make the case for Frenchay hospital."

Jack is making contact with the STP leadership for the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire and will keep his constituents updated on any progress that is made.