Fair Fuel UK

Yesterday, I joined motoring journalist Quentin Wilson and Fair Fuel UK campaigners in Parliament to urge the Government to cut the fuel duty in the upcoming Autumn budget. Despite a duty freeze since March 2011, UK drivers still pay the highest fuel duty on diesel and the third highest for petrol in the European Union.

Our economy relies on motorists for almost everything. Whether it is the retail industry, food services, hospitals, construction, schools or factories, they all rely on their workforce being able to move about so it is essential that the government do everything they can to support them.

A rise in fuel duty would be an unnecessary constraint on our economy at the exact time that we should be removing all barriers to growth and should be encouraging businesses to seize the opportunities that leaving the European Union offers them.

I hope the Government will listen to the concerns that my colleagues and I have, and support hard working families by providing some relief at the fuel pumps.