Airbus and Brexit

Airbus is an important and valued part of our aerospace industry, especially in my constituency. I am surprised to see this statement because Sky News reported similar last week and Airbus subsequently denied it. As such I would welcome Airbus clarifying their position on this issue.

Of course, what is crucially important for the aerospace industry as we go through this Brexit process is an assurance of smooth flow of goods between the UK and the EU, something which was guaranteed by the Prime Minister's deal. I am disappointed to hear some Members of Parliament on the one hand decrying the negative impacts on business, whilst on the other voting against the deal that would have offered those businesses much needed clarity and stability. This said, having received kind invitations to visit other companies in the sector within my constituency, there is great cause for optimism. We are a global sector of excellence and titans of the aerospace industry such as GKN and Rolls Royce have recognised this and their plans for further investment in the area are a financial vote of confidence in the continued successes of Great Britain. 

I will continue to work with companies such as Airbus, GKN, and Rolls Royce to ensure our communities and economy continue to see the benefit of investment and high quality engineering jobs, both now and in the future.