Jack can be contacted on

Constituency office telephone: 01454 617 783

Mobile telephone: 07973 352 776

Email: jack.lopresti.mp@parliament.uk


For Filton & Bradley Stoke casework enquiries, please contact Mike Cobb on:

Telephone: 01454 617 783
Email: jack.lopresti.mp@parliament.uk


For media enquiries, please contact Selina Short on:

Telephone: 020 7219 7070

Email: jack.lopresti.mp@parliament.uk


To invite Jack to an event, please contact Rhianne Innocent on:

Telephone: 01454 617 783
Email: jack.lopresti.mp@parliament.uk


Or you can write to Jack at his constituency office:

Jack Lopresti MP

29 The Courtyard,


Bradley Stoke,


BS32 4NQ


If you are one of my constituents, please ensure you have included your full name, address and a contact telephone number when you send your email, even if we have corresponded previously. It would also be helpful if you could please include any relevant reference numbers, which you feel may assist in dealing with your case.

If you haven't included these details, please resend your email with this information – as Parliamentary rules prevent an MP from dealing with enquiries from another MP's constituent.

Please note that I treat emails in the same way as letters, faxes and telephone messages and will respond to them all as quickly as possible.

The constituency office is open from 9am to 6pm. Constituents are welcome to pop in, with or without an appointment, at any time.

You can follow Jack on Twitter: @JackLoprestiMP


Queen’s Speech - Debate (2nd Day) (19 May 2016)
Lord Hunt of Chesterton: My Lords, I am honoured to speak in the Queen’s Speech debate and join others in congratulating Her Majesty on her 90 years. It was a pleasure to follow the noble Lord, Lord Suri, who was born in India, as I was. We also obviously share the same belief in the importance of remaining in the European Union. The Queen’s Speech outlined an ambitious programme, but curiously does not...

Debate on the Address: Transport and Local Infrastructure (19 May 2016)
John Healey: What an extraordinary waste of time! I counted 42 announcements in the Queen’s Speech and only four had not been announced before yesterday. This is a Queen’s Speech that risks being a waste of the Queen’s time, the people’s time and Parliament’s time. I cannot recall in 19 years in this House seeing a Queen’s Speech debate in which the speeches from the...

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